Improving and broadening your skillset - Short bespoke woodworking courses tailored for you.


Improving and broadening your skillset - Short bespoke woodworking courses tailored for you.


Sometimes it is difficult to find a woodworking course that fits around your specific time constraints or commitments. Let’s face it, life gets busier and busier – especially if you run your own business, work full time and/or have family commitments – and it can be hard to find time to build on your skill set despite your best intentions to make time to do so.

Even if you have time on your side, the issue can be finding a short course that picks up specifically on the content that you want to learn -  without covering a list of skills that you are already well versed in.

If this is your experience, then Williams and Cleal could be for you. We offer an unusual tailor made service - which allows students to select both the duration and content of their own course as best suits your requirements.

December is shaping up to be a good month for our bespoke courses and we’ve had great interest from beginners, hobbyists and more experienced woodworkers looking to develop their cabinetmaking skills.

In the first week of December, we will be welcoming up to four students on a three day wood finishing course. This course originally came about after an enquiry from one student looking to build on his knowledge of finishing techniques, and the interest grew from others wanting to learn more in this area. We’ll be covering:

  • Pre-finishing such as sanding
  • Oil and wax finishes
  • Traditional oil finishes and modern oil finishes
  • Touching upon spray finishes
  • French polishing
  • Fuming
  • Bleaching
  • Scorching
  • Gold Leaf

Following this course, we’ll be welcoming an intermediate skilled student to a four day tray making course that introduces laminating, veneering, marquetry and inlay skills.

(We have the opportunity to join a further student to this course, so please contact the office on 01984 667555 if this would be of interest to you.)

Perhaps you have a specific area of your skillset that you’d like to develop further; or would like to attend one of our courses, but need the flexibility of a different attendance pattern?  

The best thing to do is to drop us an email or call us for an informal chat, and availability allowing, we can look to put a woodworking course together to suit.

We should all make time for the things that are important in our lives, if developing your skills and knowledge as a cabinetmaker are important, then some time on our bespoke courses could be the key to unlocking further potential in your capabilities as a designer maker.