Trip to Tyler Hardwoods to Learn About Selecting Timber


Trip to Tyler Hardwoods to select timber for projects

Yesterday our students took a trip to Tyler Hardwoods with our tutor Justin, to learn about selecting the best timber and what to look for in terms of defects.

Tyler Hardwoods also gave us a tour around the yard and steam bending facility.

It was a very useful tour and our students managed to stock up on some Air Dried Ash, Rippled Sycamore, Walnut and Brown Oak for their next projects.

It was also really interesting to see their steam bending facility and professional steam bending machines, as we have recently been doing quite a bit of steam bending for Mark’s park bench project.

A useful and productive trip out of the workshop, but it’s back to the bench today!

Good job as the weather outside is decidedly unpleasant with this storm coming over!