A day out of the workshop - Visits to Mundy Veneer and Vastern's Timber


A Day Out of the Workshop - Visits to Mundy Veneer and Vastern's Timber Yard.

When some great timber is needed for students starting a new project, there is no better excuse than to book a visit to the timber yards. So when Sam and Gordon needed some boards of Rippled Sycamore and Oak, it was a great opportunity for our tutor Justin to take all the students on a trip to learn about selecting and purchasing the best timber.

Vasterns and Tyler Hardwoods are always incredibly generous with their time, and Stefan and Tom of Vasterns gave the students a great tour the yard last week.

We also really enjoyed a visit to Mundy Veneers near Wellington, where several of the students were able to browse, learn about and buy materials for their next projects.

It’s really important to take a break out of the workshop, to immerse yourself in new materials and to learn and gain experience in selecting the finest timber and materials for your work.