Beautiful Bespoke Children's Furniture

Beautiful Bespoke Children’s Furniture

Student, Sophie Moraveg making a mock up of her children’s rocket seat/play den.

Student, Sophie Moraveg making a mock up of her children’s rocket seat/play den.

When students present their first design make projects to our tutors, the most exciting thing is the variety and scope of their ideas - and the inspiration behind the project they have chosen.

In addition to the more traditional items of furniture, past students have made specialised adjustable stools for use on stage, steam bent park benches, grandfather clocks and much more!

Our full time student, Sophie, has an interest in the market for good quality children’s furniture. As such, Sophie’s first design make project is a piece of furniture aimed at children aged 2 to 6.

Sophie’s project, a rocket seat/den, is also aimed at parents who want a piece of furniture for their children which is not only fun, but well made and aesthetically pleasing.

The rocket offers up a number of interesting design challenges that might not necessarily be encountered in standard furniture projects. As such, it is proving to be a great learning experience for Sophie, both in terms of design and making.

In particular, the size and shape of the rocket are complex to plan. Whereas a straight cylinder shape might be more straight-forward, the egg shaped curve presents difficulty in terms of the multiple radius’ which will be required to achieve the nose of the rocket.

It has also been a useful exercise in terms of how the structure could be formed from either traditional block shaping, laminating, carbon fibre, steambending, coopering and many other potential techniques and processes!

In the picture above, Sophie is assessing a cardboard mock up of the rocket to check dimensions, shape and aesthetics of the item before progressing the design. Today, Sophie and Jane have also been researching potential materials that could suit the project; what could be used to form the exterior shell of the rocket - and how the seat/den will be accessed by the children?

We are really looking forward to seeing how this project progresses, and there is no shortage of volunteers to product test the rocket when it’s completed!