Dorset Based Designer Makers Trip

Visit to the workshops of John Makepeace, Alice Blogg and Simon Pririe

Students visit the workshops of John Makepeace

Students visit the workshops of John Makepeace

Yesterday, our tutor Maria, organised a day trip out of the workshop to visit three Furniture Designer Makers based in our neighboring county of Dorset.

We were excited to visit:

Simon Pririe (,

Alice Blogg (


John Makepeace (

All of the students found it an incredibly useful, inspiring and informative day out of the workshop - and they returned to the school with renewed enthusiasm and ideas.

When asked about their feedback from the trip, all of the students got a broad range of information from the makers visited. In particular, students hoping to set up their own small furniture businesses found it really useful to hear from the makers that had most recently set up their workshops, and to take information and advice on how to build and grow a furniture business.

There was also a great deal of valuable information from the more experienced makers, particularly with regards to design and how to create a sustainable business and design identity.

From a practical/workshop point of view, the students also found it useful to understand what you need to start your own workshop. What machinery is essential, and what can you get around not having until you are able to finance more machinery in your space.

We are very thankful to Simon, Alice and John for letting us come to visit and we look forward to further trips in the coming year.