Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design 2019


Celebration of Craftsmanship 2019

We are a little late in posting this blog, but a few weeks ago, three of our 40 week Designer/Maker Students took their work to be shown at the 2019 Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design in Cheltenham.

The Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design if the UK’s largest annual selling exhibition of contemporary, designer-maker furniture with selected work from other disciplines. It’s a great exhibition with around 300 exhibits from over 70 workshops.

This year, CCD opened up the exhibition to group stands from the UK’s best furniture schools, and our students jumped at the opportunity to show their finished work.

40 week Designer Maker student, Sophie Moraveg exhibited her Rippled Walnut Space Rocket. This project was fun to make but also threw up a great many challenges in the design and making of the piece, and was a valuable learning experience during production. The rocket garnered a great deal of attention at CCD, not only as it was unique to the other pieces on display at the exhibition - but also because many visitors were encouraged to have a sit in the rocket and indulge their inner child’s sense of play! If you look back at our instagram feed, you will see how Sophie constructed the shell of the rocket from CNC cut mdf discs, which Sophie then edge banded with rippled walnut veneer to create the stepped effect. Upholstering the interior was certainly challenging given the shape and access to the space, but Sophie achieved a great finish inside with a midnight space blue fabric in segmented panels, which when fitted make it a truly comfortable and snug hideaway.

Recent student Mark Houle exhibited his steam bent ash and brown oak park bench. The bench was a really successful piece and far to nice to be put out in a garden, we think a lovely conservatory would be the ideal home! Mark spent a good proportion of the time on this project perfecting the jigs for the arm/leg rails to ensure the perfect steam bent curves on the ash. Mark has also been a big fan of Brown Oak since starting at the school (in fact his first box project used Brown Oak) and it certainly contrasts beautifully with the ash on this bench.

Nick Millard exhibited his ebonised Oak, Marble and glass display cabinet throughout the two weeks of the exhibition. Nick originally made this piece with a nod to Georgian style furniture, as living in Bath, his house retained Georgian features and the display cabinet was made to compliment the style in his home. This elegant piece also provided Nick with the opportunity to experiment with iron staining Oak for the darker natural finish. Iron staining uses a reaction between iron oxide and the natural tannins in the wood to create a natural looking black, which sits in the wood fibres rather than a stain which sits in the top of the wood. Nick also hand cut the emerald granite handles to match the top, which contrasts beautifully with the darker wood.

It was really inspirational to see the work of so many other designer makers out there, and a very valuable networking experience for the students. We look forward to CCD 2020!