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our story



the journey started over 30 years ago: 

Partners Justin and Jane met and studied furniture at Buckinghamshire College in High Wycombe, the historical capital of the industry. From there Jane apprenticed for Alan Peters OBE and Justin worked for a fine furniture maker in the New Forest. Alan Peter’s described as The Makers’ maker had direct links to the Arts and Crafts Movement, having apprenticed with Edward Barnsley. He is also widely seen as an exponent of the seventies craft revival.

Design should transcend personalities, styles and fashion and become a product of its age. Timeless in the appreciation that it generates. It should become a work of art without that being the aim of the creator
— Alan Peters OBE

Subsequently having gained invaluable experience in leading workshops, they realised their shared ambition by launching their own designer/maker business in April 1990.

They have developed an exceptional reputation within the industry. They have been published in numerous articles and awarded many accolades including 'Bespoke Guild Marks' from the Furniture Makers Company and the coveted ‘Claxton Stephens Prize’ for the best of year Guild Mark. They have undertaken commissions internationally, working predominately with private individuals, as well as interior designers and architects. Subsequently in 2007 they set up their thriving  furniture school.


Consistent with the Arts and Crafts philosophy they have a passion for finely hand crafted furniture understanding the sensitive relationship between design, material selection and their craft. Acute attention is given to design, and for Jane, function is a responsibility, and beautiful form should emerge as a quiet companion. “I seek to achieve inherent simplicity, elegance and enduring furniture, by using unelaborated decoration and sensitivity to proportions". 

As a maker and perfectionist, partner Justin Williams and his small team expect and achieve a consummate level of quality in the production of their work, utilising both traditional hand skills and modern techniques including digital technology.

In equal measures, they value craftsmanship, sympathetic design, material selection and the enjoyment that their craft continues to bring both them and their client.