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about our school


Williams & Cleal Furniture School was created to share our passion and enthusiasm for quality craftsmanship, beautiful functional design, and teaching; continuing the legacy for future generations of furniture designer/makers. Since 2007 we have been delivering professional woodworking and furniture design courses to students of all ages and backgrounds and from all around the world.

A drive for excellence in creativity, and making is always at the start of all our students journey but we also offer so much more. You might be looking for a more accessible and cost effective alternative to a three year university degree or college course? Perhaps you’ve been considering a career change, wanting to spend more time creating and making objects with your own hands? Our courses will fast track your acquisition of design and furniture making skills, so that you can be back in employment or starting your own business as soon as possible.

You may be an experienced maker, but would like guidance in nurturing and developing your design skills or a specific process? 

Or… maybe you have seen a beautiful piece of furniture and felt inspired to gain the skills to make something similar? 

Students come to us with varying levels of skills, from complete beginners, to those with medium and advanced abilities. We teach every individual according to their needs. Our tutors can tailor a learning experience to best fit your interests, and aspirations.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and supportive learning environment. With a maximum of eight students in the workshop, we ensure the best quality teaching experience, giving individual attention from all our tutors. With a lot of enthusiasm and humour in the workshop, we can also guarantee that learning with us will be a creative and rewarding experience.

We also have a long established commercial fine furniture business with a wide clientele, working predominately with private individuals, as well as interior designers and architects. We have been making award winning pieces of furniture and beautiful interiors since 1990, based on a simple philosophy; we are deeply committed to achieving furniture made to a virtuoso standard, with enduring visual appeal. Over the years, we have won numerous accolades including 'Bespoke Guild Marks' from the ‘The Furniture Makers Company’ and the coveted 'Claxton Stephens Prize' for the year’s best Guild Mark. This commercial approach is consistent with unique commissions and designing. In sharing our fully equipped workshop our students can feel part of this and be tutored in how to emulate success in their own furniture designs and making and thus equip them with the necessary skills and professionalism to pursue their ambitions. 

The school also has many links with industry professionals, leading bespoke furniture companies, workshops and highly regarded individual makers and designers. Our contacts not only look to the Williams and Cleal Furniture School to employ talented students, but our students can benefit from visits to their commercial workshops to see first-hand how leading bespoke furniture businesses operate. Our syllabus is augmented by input from our contacts in the furniture making industry, and our tutors regularly review content in line with new developments and practices within our craft. We strongly believe that having the chance to learn from a team of leading designer/makers, in a professional environment, is both a unique, and a highly rewarding experience.